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indy (bullmastiff)

Bullmastiff Indy
D.O.B 29-08-2014
Sexe Female
Irishpride Can't Touch This
Lord of Bulls Young Heart

ED free Registered DNA profile
Irishpride Can't Touch This
Bullgrin 's Knock Your Socks Off At Ardhub
All Heroes Giant As Hagrid

Gardienne Respect O'Bullgrin

Irishpride Miss Chiefmaker

Braeaaron He Means Business At Ardhub
Pearl Starlight At Mussendun
Lord of Bulls Young Heart

Dynamic Force Touchdown

Good and Plenty From Heek-Tree
Korona Xéna
Cayenne Bumper v. Gladakkers Hof
Hades Bullet v. Gladakkers Hof
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